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…. and you thought I forgot about y’all.
I’ve been busy, stressed and so on, but the comfort of my purse laptop has helped a lot when I can’t sleep because when it runs out of power it gives me permission to try to get some rest.
The title has been a sense of uproar with females, but I just don’t want to give it up. Stubborn as all get out and I just couldn’t let it go.
So I decided to make it appeal more to mean than it would be females.
I might change it again. I don’t know, but i’m feeling this one.
From Chapter 42 I’ve added up to Chapter 46 and I’m working on all the way to Chapter 50 which I hope to add next week.
After that I think it’s going to last about two to four more chapters. I’m still trying to work it out in my head and I really haven’t been able to.
Wanna download?
Go to:
To get the update.
I’ll try to HTML it somehow by next week to, but right now I can’t.
Thanks for sticking with me guys and being patient.
Love you!!
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