Payback, Inc- Chapter 8

CHAPTER 8 “Hello.” Thin lips parted to reveal yellowed dentures. The poodle growled. Sweat oozed from my pores. The old man sniffed the air. “Oh, that’s quite an interesting smell. What is that? Tar, paint and… cake or something?” He tilted his head, sniffed again. “I don’t think I’ve ever smelled that combination before.” Schi … Continue reading Payback, Inc- Chapter 8

Payback, Inc- Chapter 7

CHAPTER 7I jerked.Saw the streetlamps.Saw Schi lightly snoring in the passenger seat, breath fogging up the windows.My side hummed again. Looked down. Lights dancing on the phone. Annette.Laid my head back; tried to understand.A dream.Premonition.Precognition.I wasn’t superstitious. My mind refused what I could not understand. I existed on the real, the seen, the known.But my … Continue reading Payback, Inc- Chapter 7