Sex Weed Part 37.2

just posting for right now. busy friday


This is a Work in Progress at :
Sex Weed Part 37.2 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

4 thoughts on “Sex Weed Part 37.2

  1. hey sylvia,thanks again for keeping me in suspense! please tell me you’ll be posting again today! anyway just want to say keep it coming loving it all the way!stay blesseddana

  2. WOW so that is who is dead I bet Pen is dead too though just a guess. I had a feeling Cheron might not show back up, but they have to know that Reed is behind all of this he did the last murder to Rachel in the same manner. Grae is crazy she is going to lose that baby acting like that she need to chillax.

  3. Wow, just got back home from the weekend and what a chapter. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Keep up the rockin work Sylvia. Deja

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