Sex Weed – Chapter Thirty-Six

OMG!!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!!

I’ve had a very interesting morning and was able to start a new chapter. Yes. You’re getting two chapters in one day. The post was very long for Chapter 35 and I see when I post full chapters you guys are more content.

This part was … I can’t even explain. You know there’s always a calm before the storm, but what popped out was really really interesting. Let me know what you think….

Now commenting to Carmel:

Carmel: I’d love to know where you think the story is going. That’s interesting because I have no idea where it’s going, LOL. I can give you another choice of two other books. Just email me offloop and let me know with an address and by the time the story is over with, I’ll email the book to you for corrections in word and then once I upload the book again, I’ll send you a paper copy of this one.

enjoy ….

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10 thoughts on “Sex Weed – Chapter Thirty-Six

  1. Oh Crap. Run girl run. Whoa what a chapter, i had no idea that was coming Reed being there. Only problem is i am scared shitless now. lol. Can’t wait till the next post in a couple of days. Awesome work Sylvia, Oh Queen of cliffhangers :). Deja

  2. I agree with both deja and shay I was waaaaaaaaaaay off in my scenerio but hey that’s why your writing and I am reading

  3. That is so much torture Sylvia! Now we all have to wait. I am really mad at Melissa for going to try to save Penelope. She is crazy! Tori

  4. This is pure torture Sylvia! Now we have to wait for you to post again. I sm so mad at Melissa for trying to save Penelope. That was the craziest thing she’e ever done so far in this story. Tori

  5. Bad news always catch up soon. But how did Reed know where to find Melissa? Her cellphone was turned off, right? Am interested to see how u r going to plug this piece of info.- Aran

  6. Oh girl, dat was bad! Pls keep it coming. But i still dont get it why would Melissa leave the comfort of Dyson to go save Penelope. Whats her aim. But i do no something, someone is definitely going 6 feet under.Anyway cant waitKassie

  7. Oh Sylvia, please post soon don’t leave us hanging. This is too good!!!!Shon

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