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Sex Weed – Chapter 35

Monday is a busy day as always. I think next time I post a story, I’m going to have it as Tuesday, Thursday and Friday because it’s not so stressful.

Hi Lola D. Long time no hear from and thanks for letting me know you’re around and catching up on everything.

Somethings not right. You ever have that feeling that things are not what they seem and you should follow you gut feelings but things seem to be going good and you don’t. Well, I got that after I posted this chapter. I knew something wasn’t right and Melissa is just ignoring her gut.

Another notification has been sent out for new readers and if you’re just joining us, you can click on the Sex Weed book to download from Chapter one to thirty one or just click on this:

As we draw to a close I need the following from you:

I also am looking for a general grammatical and continuity checker for this story so if you would like to volunteer, please let me know and I’ll reward you with a paperback copy of SexWeed, Mistaken Identity and Sex, Lies & Family.

I’m going to try to type up another chapter today, but these dog gone people on the telephone are really making it difficult. I’m going to have to just listen to my Brian McNight and immerse myself into getting calm.

as usual, enjoy….


This is a Work in Progress at :


After reading this part you’re going to ask me why does she still have to go save Penelope?

Why can’t she just ignore this?

Reed wouldn’t dare come after her knowing she’s with Dyson.

Why doesn’t she let Dyson know her fears?

To answer all this would take and tell too much of the story. Keep reading and I hope to get all these answers for you.

Sex Weed – Chapter 35 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

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