Sex Weed – Chapter 34.3

This is listed as a Work in Progress

7 thoughts on “Sex Weed – Chapter 34.3

  1. What a chapter to start for friday, i am crying those tears for her. I feel so sad at the moment. Great post sylvia. Deja

  2. Please tell me you’re posting again. If you don’t I’ll be sick until you do. I’m so on edge right now. Please I beg you!

  3. Dang girl you made me feel her pain & his I understand dyson a little more from this post and have been really coming to like him

  4. I thought for sure I asked you to post more today PLease Please Please PLEASE!!! Or I will just DIE without more info! Can you feel my pain I hope so I need to know more. You know what my worst part of any book is. Well I will tell ya it’s the END so although I want to know more don’t wrap it up to quickly.

  5. YES!!!! Finally we are getting some answers. Great Post! Tori

  6. i feel so sad about all that Melissa had had to go through because of the self pity she allowed herself to wallow in all her life . it is really a pity that such an intelligent character should end up like this. You really gave a good picture of your character. I feel for Dyson though as you rightly said he is a big ass too.Ladyprecious (Lola Davies) Sylvia lots of love from me to you and your family. I love your books and i am a good fan of yours . I read all your blogs and even if i do not write you does not mean i am not following your story. Stay loved appreciated and blessed. Happy weekend.

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