Sex Weed – Chapters 30.2

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Sex Weed – Chapters 30 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

7 thoughts on “Sex Weed – Chapters 30.2

  1. Your sex scences are always smokin’ now I need to get home to hubby if only it wasn’t 2:35pm I have to wait till 5pm lol

  2. Hey Sylvia, I can see d stori is movin on nicely. U never addressed d issue between Jerome (his bein pissed off). I was opin u wud giv us a sneak peak into deir lives. Like i asked before, aint none of the Heart family goin to appear in dis bk, cos i sure do miss dem. And i’m suspectin Reed has sometin to do wit d cocaine found in Racheal’s body. Gotta say am guessin Dyson is Daniel’s father, i dont no but d feelin is so strong cos u pointed earlier on dat he wud sneak wenever Reed is absent.Anyway, still luv d suspense, kip it up gurl, cant wait 4 more.

  3. Anasbeaut, I hadn’t thought of that. I hope Dyson is Daniel’s father. Shoot, I hope Melissa is the mother, though I seriously doubt it.Suprina

  4. Now that was passionate. I am so glad that they are finally letting their guard to be with one another. I am also happy that Dyson finally said in a way that he loved her. But I was wondering when would Melissa tell Dyson that she is pregnant with his child. Great Post Tori

  5. Well I’m blushing loved the passion and fire of my fave couple. Keep it coming, I feel the love between these two. JV

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