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Sex Weed – Chapter Twenty – Seven

Since no one replied about the Chat, I didn’t have one and it was good because I got a lot of work done and I was able to push it off my desk by this morning and pump out a section. I’ll be posting three times today because I want to get

I just realized I posted the titles wrong for the last two post. It should have been 26.2 and 26.3 (I’ve since corrected that.)

Reader’s Offline Questions:
Did Reed Kill Penelope? I was reading and I know now reed’s got the divorce papers, but what happened? come on sylvia, you’re ruining my day! Just tell me now so I can stop tearing out my hair!

Author’s Response:
You’ll know by chapter 28.

Reader’s Offline Question:
Like the yahoo site……..but isn’t Sin’s Iniquity ‘IR’ just saying?

Author’s Response:
It is. I don’t think I’ve changed the covers on that site yet and I need to. It’s supposed to be SEx Weed cover anyhoo. I’ll put it on my things to do for this weekend. Thank you.

Reader’s Offline Question & comment:
Wasn’t Grae in another book? her name sounds familiar and i remember reading that name from somewhere, but i haven’t been able to buy all your books, which i hope to do soon. I got my friend to buy Stealing Innocence and then borrowed it from her because i couldn’t afford it. i know that’s wrong and i would love to support you so much sylvia cause you have so much talent. my friend wants to get stealing Innocence 2 and I’ve been telling her how she should. Maybe I’ll help her go half on it.

Author’s Response:
The fact that you got your friend to buy the book was pretty neat and even though I do need the money and I shouldn’t openingly encourage book sharing, hell I can’t complain. I give stories away for free so I’m hurting myself more than you are by sharing right? Anyhoo, Grae is in the newly titled Secrets, Lies & Family Ties (formerly titled Sweet Reunion). She’s Ezekiel’s girl and another book Jerome and Tyrone are in.

BTW: I do check the chat (which is up all the time) so if you have questions you want to post there, you can as well. I’ll answer them in the chat option of this way as well.

I’ll talk more later



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Sex Weed – Chapter Twenty – Seven (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

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