Sex Weed – Chapter Twenty-Seven

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Sex Weed – Chapter Twenty-Seven (c) 2o07 Sylvia Hubbard

4 thoughts on “Sex Weed – Chapter Twenty-Seven

  1. I am getting bored with this story as its just feels like its going on for ever now..

  2. Anonymous: Try to be a little more patient (easier said than done, huh? lol). It helps me to be patient when I remember that Sylvia is writing this book day by day. She’s not doing like some of us other writers, where we’re posting stuff already written and only recently re-edited. No, Sylvia is posting LIVE. That takes a lot of courage to do, especially when you haven’t worked out all the kinks in your own head yet and still try to post something to satisfy readers’ appetite.So again, I urge you to be patient. Sylvia will pull it all together in the end, the way she always does.Suprina

  3. Anon Shush either read or don’t but the story is getting better and better to me I am not bored just anixous so I will take my little bits and pieces of the story as they come

  4. I agree to be patient but whar I want to know is who is this woman. Keep posting! Tori

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