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Sex Weed Part 22.2 & No Chat Today

No Chat today.

Plain and simple I have to go to the doctor. I think my ulcer is coming back and I just haven’t been feeling like Sylvia lately.

Although it could be the changes I’ve made regarding men in general (my sudden disregard to sex) and the fact that I can’t get rid of thirty pounds to save my life. (I’ve been dieting and excercising like crazy and it just won’t go away).

Along with this, I’m about to lose my car, the conference season is among me and I really would wish I could just stop getting behind just as I get ahead.

Anyhoo, my body is taking a toll on my emotional state and it woke up this morning talking seriously to me. (didn’t go to work).

Let’s not forget that I keep forgetting what day it is! LOL. I really forgot it was Wednesday yesterday. 9I was wondering why I kept wanting to post the story, but I didn’t).

(I’ll post more tomorrow)

So here goes…



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