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Sex Weed Part 20 – Answer Your Questions Wednesday

Wow! 12 comments. I’m geeked, you’re feeding my ego. thanks

I take it you liked that last scene.

Ya’ll know me, I’ll thrown sex in a durn’s nun’s closet if I could.

I figured you guys could go for some more – i could too.

Anyhoo, I’m going to post more, but first i wanted to answer some questions about things people have asked me about.

Reader question: Where is Cabin Fever? I’ve been looking all over for it.

Answer: It’s no longer available until 2008 with J’adore Publishing in an anthology.

Carmel Beauty Questions: (thanks for leaving it in the chat, LOL)
Is dyson going to divorce cheron for real now? Yes, he’s going to divorce her for real. Why did mel not want cheron to see her? Fear is fear and she felt that Cheron might be able to see they feared the same thing. what is tyrone trying to fiqure out? Don’t know that yet. he is such a matchmaker? Don’t know. When are you going to tell if cheron son is really reed s or dyson s? In the climax of the story when it’s going to just blow your minds, LOL. Also is mel son her s or pen and reed or dyson? That’d be telling the story, CB. what is mel plan? That’d be telling the story too, but durnit, she probably just wants to finally get some durn happiness. I think she finally deserves it.

African Reader Comment:
i still dont understand why the major publishers havent grabbed you up yet. I mean your style exceeds most of the well known romance authors by far- to my mind at least- keep on rocking. am sure its just a matter of time b4 some of them come to their senses.

Response: Keep telling your peeps about me and maybe we can get somewhere, LOL.

I think that’s it, but if I missed anything, please put it down in the comments. I’ll answer anything you want as long as it doesn’t involve revealing the story.

Did you guys remember I make this up as I go and I swear I’m just finishing up Chapter twenty.

By the way, I just uploaded to Lulu for Sex Weed. If you delete your cookies and/or refresh the screen when you go there, you should be able to get the new copy to download from there because geocites can’t handle your overload of downloads, LOL.

I’ll post Friday after this post.



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