Sex Weed – Part 18.2

Wow! You guys don’t play when you comment. 7 comments. That’s the most this story has ever gotten.

It has really spurred me to write this weekend. I even dreamed up apart and it was so much that Dyson was talking to me while I was in church. Now that’s bad. Really bad that I was writing sex scenes in church. Y’all trying to get me a first class ticket to hell, LOL.

Inside story on Chapter 18: This chapter is actually a combining of several writings. One I wrote Thursday night, Friday Morning and afternoon, and Saturday and Sunday. Each time I wrote I didn’t have the prior writings around nor was I around a computer to put a flash drive in – i left my baby at home or it would have been rude to bring out a laptop – especially at church, LMAO.

anyhoo, I bettah answer some things before you read…

Anonymous said…
Yeah we know that the other women is Melissa’s sister right?

Yes it was penelope of course. and thanks for saying i rock. (chuckline)

Shay said…
I’m a little confused so I’m going to read the book from beginning to end again and see if I can un-confuse myself.

Please let me know if you’ve un-confused yourself yet. Ask any questions in the comments. That’s what I’m here for. What other author offers onsite questions as the reader reads, huh? (I don’t think none of them are as crazy as I am.)

BLM who are you? I’m interested. Never saw you here (of course not since you said this was your first time here.)



this is a work in progress at:

Sex Weed – Part 18.2 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

PS If you don’t know who Grae is, please read Sweet Reunion or wait for Secret Lies & Family Ties. Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Sex Weed – Part 18.2

  1. Wow so they were still married, interesting. Interesting chapter. Is Dyson in love with Melissa was she the one who gave her virginity to him instead of pene. Hmm ignore me i am just guessing here. Now i can’t wait for the next chapter please post soon. Deja

  2. Ok I’m starting to get it. I was just confused about who gave birth to Melissa’s son. But anyway it’s all working out. Great story.Also I’ve been reading your books for about 2 years now. I’ve just been sort-of a silent reader. I’m from Sacramento and your stories help get me threw the boring business day. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for posting! What was Cheron’s father name? Was he in sweet reunion? Post more Slyvia. As soon as I get into the book it cuts off. Darn!!! Great Post…Tori

  4. What is the relation between Grae and Cheron. Who is Cheron’s Father?Give is more and soon. Great Posting Ashwini

  5. TERRIFIC CHAPTER SYLVIA!Now you got us all guessing what in the world is the relation between Cheron and Grae and how does Dyson know her and and and….!!!! Especially got us looking forward to the moment when Dyson finally traks down the object of his OBVIOUS desire…and when he finds her…hope he can contain himself in public FOR the public’s sake!!! LOLTerez

  6. wow! you really have me on the edge of my seat thinking of who’s who and what’s going to happen next.this is a great story! and i like seeing reappearance of previous characters. 🙂keep up the great work!yes i agree with Terez.. can’t wait when Dyson finds Melissa. *rubs hands*

  7. ok sylvia you are leaving us hanging I want to know the relationship between grae and cheron and dyson as well hmmmmmm… please post today

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