Sex Weed – Part 16

Thank so much for your patience, guys. Last year, I wasn’t busy at all.

Now I have to take a calendar out whenever I do anything. A beau asked me out on a date and I had to take out my calendar and push him until the weekend.

BTW, I saw Ocean’s 13, twice! (Long story) I think this one was almost better than the first. What do you guys think?

I’ll try to post twice today.

Okay, enjoy.

this is a work in progress at:

Sex Weed Part 16 – (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

3 thoughts on “Sex Weed – Part 16

  1. Don’t trust him melissa he will tell everything to Dyson, i am sure of it. You can’t trust no one. Am waiting here with bated breath whats next, am so anxious to find out what is next. Great work Sylvia! Deja

  2. OMG I really hope he is a good guy and not tell Dyson. Great Post! Tori

  3. i think hes just trying to digg for her secrets too. just think about it. hes not only dysons lawyer but also dysons friend. this means that lorenzo is looking out for dysons welfare before hers. i wouldn’t trust him as far as i could throw him.

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