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Sex Weed – Part 14.2

After writing this chapter, I’ve resolved that I really don’t like Dyson.

I was really hating him, but there was something about him that…. I can’t explain.

Anyhoo, before we even get to that, I wanna share something with you guys.

I was having some doubts about the book, Secrets, Lies & Family Ties (renamed from Sweet Reunion), especially after my editor went through it with the red pen.

I was thinking about not going through and publishing it and just go through with a different novel like Sin’s Iniquity or Tanner’s Devil, which have been also a readers favorite as well.

Well, this morning, I got this email from a reader for no reason at all:

Hello Ms. Hubbard:

Just wanted to say I read ‘Sweet Reunion’ in the ebook format, and I’m quite impressed. Zeke and Grae were very entertaining, and your plot rivaled soapy plots l enjoy like no other, the characters (secondary) tied in well. Didn’t expect Grae to be a ward of Gus who was Zeke’s daddy, or the family reveals. Your romance was quite hot, and you built it until it was like please let them consumate it and now. Okay I read it twice, and I was quite taken by the story. I can tell you are quite intelligent, you used a few words I have to look up, lol. However I think you should definitely continue to see much sucess, because you definitely have mad skills as a writer, and I was quite entertained. Oh and Zeke stressing over hurting his Grae was wonderful, loved the inner thoughts, and Grae using these two men she loved deeply to insure her happiness gave me the reader a root worthy female heroine, and her popping Liz was priceless…..yes it was. I’d even enjoy seeing these two again, now you got me with the two brothers married to the same woman, but thats what authors do surprise me. As for your villians, good job showing motivation and a man’s descent into madness when he finds not love or acceptace, you know I thought I’m so glad Zeke found his Grae, or he too could of ended up in a dark place.

Continue your work please I look forward to reading and purchasing more of your work, thanks too for the free reads, they are quite enjoyable…now I read “Lynx” where are the rest of those stories and yes I’d like to purchase them

This really brightened my day. I mean it really did because this was validation enough to say that I should go on with it.

Thank you for all your support and remember to start telling everyone you know that Sylvia’s hitting the bookshelves again in August with SEcrets, Lies & Family Ties.

If you havent’ done a review of the book in the guestbook on my website, then please do so now:

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Thanks again.



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Sex Weed – Part 14.2 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

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