Sex Weed – Part 13.3 –

She had stopped at the drugstore before coming home and picked up a pregnancy stick. After spending the afternoon with Lorenzo signing papers and such and hearing him discuss about children she and Dyson could possibly have, it just stuck in her gut to know she didn’t know if she could be pregnant or not. The pharmacist at the store recommended the fastest quick results test and she bought two.

In the privacy of her room after she put a chair up against every closet in the room,
just realizing the room had two closets, she took used the first box. The results came back negative, but for some reason she just couldn’t believe that and decided to take another test, but she needed to get down to dinner. Instead of waiting for the results, she decided to go ahead and go to dinner and then come back to see the results.

By the time she got down the stairs, she knew her worry was silly. She couldn’t be pregnant.

When she arrived for dinner, she was bothered at the fact that neither Daniel nor Royce was at the table. He answered the question she was thinking before she voiced it.

“I ordered them to have dinner early than usual and sent them off to bed so we could talk.”

Checking her watch, she said, “It’s not business hours, Mr. .. I meant Dyson.”

“I know and it’s not about office business.”

Sitting down feeling uneasy, she sipped the wine on the table and uncovered her food to try to eat it, but her stomach was suddenly feeling queasy.

“Did you get Lorenzo the necessary papers for the divorce?”

“Yes. I carry them everywhere with me in the van so that was really not a problem.”

“Why haven’t you cleaned out the van? Or ordered the staff to do so?”

“Our stay here is only temporary, Dyson. Not permanent. I felt I should keep everything in there.”

“Until you feel like running away from Detroit.”

“I’m not leaving Detroit. I can’t.”

“Because you’re married to Reed right?”

She stuffed food in her mouth to get out of asking this question and then took a long time to chew it, but he only impatiently drummed his fingers.

Instead of answering, she asked, “Why all the questions and what do you want to speak about?”

“Many things, Melissa. Particularly why you didn’t leave Detroit if you didn’t want Reed to get his hands on Daniel.”

“I have my own personal reasons for staying in this city, but none that should concern you.”

“I want to know. Are there feelings still associated with Reed?”

She stuffed more food in her mouth. Much more and took even longer to chew giving her something else to say to distract him from the last question. “Lorenzo said the divorce
process should take less that three days and the custody of Daniel should be even faster since I can prove Reed contributed nothing to raise him and that I never filed for any assistance with the government. I signed the guardian papers and I even signed the papers to initiate the marriage so we can get married as soon as the divorce clears.”

“Good. You’ll need a dress.”

“We aren’t having a ceremony, are we?”

“You didn’t have one before did you?”

Melissa felt that queasiness come back and she wanted to throw all the food she just ate up. “No I didn’t. I was sort of dragged if you must know.”

“Dragged? Reed had to drag you?”

She almost admitted the truth, but stuffed more food in her mouth and forced herself to swallow this. ‘Please don’t throw up!’

“You’re running out of food to eat,” he noted.

Looking down at her plate, he was right. When she looked up at him, he had raised from his chair and come around to her. Picking up her napkin, he urged her to wipe her mouth.

He then extended a hand for her to rise up, but he didn’t let her hand go once she stood.

“You want to finish your drink?” he asked handing her the almost empty wine glass.

She gulped it down, curious as to his strangely pleasant behavior.

“Come with me,” he said and began to guide her out the room.

If she resisted, she wondered would he drag her?

They walked through the kitchen. The staff gave them little regards and she focused on his broad back and shoulders. He had changed from his work attire and was wearing a Sean John
light blue Polo Shirt and some Khaki’s. His phone was attached to his waist, but surprisingly it was off completely.

He led her through the garage and out to her van.

“Why are we out here?” she asked when he finally released her hand and turned to her.

“I’m curious, Melissa. How did you and Daniel sleep in the van?”

Defensively, she asked, “Why? You don’t believe we did?”

“I didn’t say that. I’m just curious.” He opened the side door of the van. “Show me.”

She pointed to the floor of the van. “Right there. We slept on the floor.”

“Show me.”

Getting inside the van, she moved things around until there was a clean spot and then she laid out the covers and a pillow she and Daniel would share. “Here.”

“Come here,” he ordered.

She got out of the van and then he climbed in. His large body was almost ridiculously to big to fit in the space, but he did almost curling up.

“Like this?” he asked.

“Yes, Dyson.”

“Come here.”

Her stomach didn’t feel queasy anymore, but there was a lot of fluttering around as she crawled inside and laid in front of him, curling her body to his with her backside pressed against his front. His arm moved around her waist before he shut the door and then pulled the covers over them.

“What is the point of this?” she asked.

“I wanted to see what you went through. Where did you park?”

“In large lit parking lots or sometimes in safer neighborhoods where we wouldn’t be bothered by the police or anyone else.”

“Weren’t you scared?”

She turned to her back moving her legs to rest over his, so she could see his face. He was slightly up with his head resting on his hand and his arm moved up where his elbow was on the ground to give him leverage.

“Of course. I was homeless, Dyson.” Licking her lips trying to forget that he looked so handsome close up and she wished he would kiss her. “But I didn’t want Daniel to be scared, so I had to –“

“Hid your feelings,” he said cutting herself.

Melissa didn’t need to answer. Looking at him, she knew he already knew the answer to that.

He leaned down and kissed her softly. His tongue slipped between her lips and she tilted her head to the side to give him more access to kissing her. It was a pleasant kiss and when he moved away, she said, “It’s not enough room.”

“I know, I was just reading your mind.” His other hand rose up and rested on her stomach, right where those butterflies were going crazy. “Who named Daniel?”

“I did.”

“I mean why did you name him Daniel?”

The truth would tell too much, so she only shrugged.

He didn’t press the matter. “Before my mother died, she used to say I needed to keep faith. I needed to be strong like Daniel in the lion’s den. I needed to stay strong.”

She remembered so much of the past in that instant and she couldn’t stop herself from saying, “You were strong to watch her die.”

His eyes narrowed suspiciously. “How did you know I watched her die?”

‘Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!’ Her mind screamed.

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