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Sex Weed Part 13.1

When Melissa had stormed out that office, her feet were on autopilot. She knew someone had not shown up to work today because of a sick day and that’s where her feet took her – right into their office. She closed the door and paced the floor.

Knowing that Dyson wasn’t one to make idle threats, she called the number she had memorized, but rarely ever used.

A recorded voice similar to her own came on, “Hi you’ve reached my voicemail. Leave a message and I’ll return the call.”

Speaking slowly, she recited the number where she was and then added, “Call me now. It’s an emergency.”

Hanging up the phone, Melissa noted she had less than three minutes to get back in the

The phone rung.


“I told you not to call me that, Melissa.”

“We don’t have time for this. I need to-“

“I’m glad you called,” Penelope said. “I needed to speak to you.”

“I have to say something important.”

Her sister cut her off again. “It’s not as important as this. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I think I need to tell Reed the truth.”

This took Melissa aback. Her sister was the mastermind of deception and the truth could be on many different levels. “What truth?”

“All of it, Melissa. He needs to know everything. Including about you. I mean I know I let him believe what he wanted to believe and he could care less about our marriage. He only did it to shut me up and to make his silly brother jealous. I didn’t think this would last so long. I thought-“ She stopped and there seemed to be some confusion on her part. “He’s more than obsessed with destroying his brother, but I think if I told him the truth about Daniel he’d understand and I’d be forgiven for everything. He wants a son. He needs a son so bad and I want to be the one to give him one now.”

“No!” Melissa snapped. “You will not give my son to that monster!”

“This wasn’t a request, Melissa,” Penelope said. “I’m coming to get him in a couple of
days. Have him packed and ready-“

“Penelope, no! You can’t do this! He’s going to destroy Daniel. You know this.”

“Reed is not a monster.”

“He is to me and he’ll only put Daniel in that… that lifestyle. NO!”

“I wasn’t asking, Melissa. Now do as you’re told and be ready to say good bye to my son.”

“He’s mine! He’s mine!”

The line had clicked. Penelope had hung up on her.

Melissa collapsed to the floor and cried. Oh gawd! Oh gawd! She’s going to take Daniel away!

Someone knocked on the door.

“Ms. Lawson, are you okay?”

The clerks voice caught her off guard and made Melissa remember exactly where she was. She couldn’t lose it. All her life she had been holding her sanity in check. ‘You are not going to lose it now. Not yet.’

“Y-Yes, I’m fine.” Clearing her throat, she said, “I thought… I thought I saw something, but I’m fine.”

Thirty seconds left.

‘I can’t let her take away Daniel. I must protect him. I must not let Reed get to him.’

There was no other choice. She needed to make this decision and maybe they would be right. By the time Reed found out the truth, she could divorce herself and then be officially married to Dyson.

She was unsure whether to be happy or said about this prospect.

‘Just look at it as good things come to those who wait,’ she told herself.

It was almost funny.


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