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Sex Weed – 11.2

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As difficult as it was, Dyson pushed the past out of his head to face the ever drama causing Semi-identical twin of Jerome Lott. Dyson had known the brothers from his late high school years and was about the only person who could really tell them apart. He had been transferred to the high school right before the second half of his tenth grade year because of all the fights he and Reed kept getting into. If he wasn’t fighting Reed or his boys, then he was fighting someone who had the nerve to cause trouble for Reed. The last straw had been when he had slapped a teacher student assistant for marking his paper with an F, just to bring down his grade point average. Reed played dirty, but Dyson had done dirtier things to his stepbrother and had always been the one to hit lower under the belt than Reed could. There was so much dirty stuff Dyson had done, he barely remember the damage he had caused until Jerome or Tyrone would bring it up if they tracked down memory lane. This was due to the excessive drinking and weed abuse he had been doing since eighth grade, but had stopped shortly after becoming friends with the twins.

Still, the little student assistant tart bragged to her friends when she didn’t know Dyson was right around the corner from her.

He didn’t care about being kicked out, but at the new high school, he didn’t choose to make friends, yet for some reason that was what Jerome liked about him and they became fast buddies. Suddenly in eleventh grade, Jerome began to act funny. Almost like Dyson and that’s when Dyson knew this wasn’t Jerome.

The brothers finally confided in Dyson.

Although they were Semi-identical twins, they looked just alike except for minor differences that very little saw, which was how Tyrone was able to switch with his brother a lot of times after he ran away from his mother’s home in Canada.

Once grown, the brothers remained ever close and the few friends they acquired they kept in constant contact with them.

“And I thought my brother and I knew how to get all uses out of one woman,” Tyrone smirked referring to his arrangement with his brother about Dana – their wife. “How’d you get so lucky to get a secretary and a whore out of it?”

The urge to bust Tyrone in the mouth for being crass startled him and he couldn’t figure out why he wanted to hit the man for talking bad about Melissa when he’d never before been defensive about any woman he’d had feelings for. “She’s not a whore,” he defended. Tyrone was the only one who could be almost as cruel as Dyson.

“And she’s got you actually defending women. I haven’t seen you like this. Even with Rachel.”

“Fuck off, Ty,” he said sitting next to him.

“And that really tells me everything.”

Sighing tiredly, Dyson had no doubt that Tyrone would go to the grave with anything he told him. “You remember my brother?”

“Who doesn’t? Reed would come to our school and start shit with you just because. You two still have beef?”

“Hell yeah, but it’s gotten deep. Too deep.” He started explaining everything just as he had told Alejandro Bellini, but added on the new things.

Tyrone sat there with a shocked expression on his face once he knew who she was and then he still looked like that once Dyson was done. “Wait one damn minute. This is the middle of the night chick?”

Dyson forgot about that and groaned. How could he forget about that? That’s what really started this war, but it had been so long ago. But Melissa didn’t know about that. Damn his memory! Melissa wouldn’t think he’d do something like that. Yet she was acting strange.

Before he answered, Tyrone thought to jog Dyson’s memory about. “Remember you
used to lie to your father to come spend the night at our house, but I remember you sneaking out about five times to get back at Reed.”

Dyson groaned. How could he forget? The night he finally got the guts to crawl in that window when he knew Reed wasn’t coming and she was just lying there, naked and waiting.

“I swear back then you had shit for brains, Dyson,” Tyrone snickered. “You were doing
so many things to Reed, I figured you fucked yourself up with all the hatred running through

“I had good reason.”

“You were an asshole then and you’re a bigger asshole now because you pushed all that shit out of your fucking head and don’t remember shit, but I remember every damn thing and I remember that girl cause of the way you talked about her and how you were jealous Reed found someone. You felt he didn’t deserve her.”

“He still doesn’t. Gawd! I’m glad I stopped smoking weed and drinking so damn much.”

“That was the best thing you ever did for yourself, but you can thank Jerome for that when he gets here.”

Dyson groaned again because now that he thought about it, he knew that there could be more to Melissa and how much she actually knew, which would explain all her damn secrets.

“She agreed to give you sex so you wouldn’t go and tell Reed about the boy?” Tyrone asked.

Dyson answered, “She’s hell bent on not letting him find out anything about her, her situation or her son.”

“I know a lot about women and they never get themselves in any situation they have no control over, Dyson. She’s playing you.”

“How do you figure?”

“How do you know Reed didn’t set her up for you? And she’s working for him?”

He never thought of that option and now he felt his mind retreating from any possibility of opening up any more than what he had opened up to her. “So what do you think I should do?”

Tyrone smirked knowingly. “Easily. Make her fall in love with you. Once a woman’s in love, she’ll lay the world at your feet. And the truth will set you free. Ten thousand says her truth is that she’s working for Reed to find your weakness and then attack you. You put a hurting on that man and he’s going to do whatever it takes to make sure when he knocks you down you don’t ever get back up again.”

That sounded easy enough, but Dyson had never met a woman so hard to get to and to open her feelings to. Reed had done some awful shit to her. If she was still in love with him and maybe even just working for him, maybe it was out of necessity.

But making Melissa fall in love with him whether she was secretly with Reed or not, would give Dyson advantage. She would easily give over custody of Daniel and allow Dyson to claim him, along with any child she carried, and he could show boat her in front of Reed to rub salt on still open wounds.

The woman in question decided to come in the conference room holding a tray with bottled water and a cup of ice. “I’m sorry to interrupt,” she said in her most polite tone not even giving Dyson eye contact on purpose.

She was still upset and this amused him.

“Mr. Jerome Lott called and said that he and his wife would be arriving in fifteen minutes.”

“Thank you, Ms. Lawson,” Dyson said politely, but only because they were in front of guest.

She placed the bottled water in front of Tyrone. “Here’s your bottled water and ice, Mr. Lott. Is there anything else?”

“Did you call the lawyer?” Dyson asked.

“Yes,” she said obviously.

“Thank you, Ms. Lawson.” Tyrone firmly took her hand in his to prevent her from leaving as fast as she wanted to get out the room. “You know, I have this great villa in Canada and I’d love to invite you to it for my anniversary weekend. My wife and I are renewing our vows.”

Dyson cleared his throat. “That probably wouldn’t be a good idea.”

“Nonsense, you’re coming.”

“I really wouldn’t have a way there and I don’t have a babysitter,” Melissa said.

“Your boss can bring you,” Tyrone said. “And children are invited. My wife’s planned a lot of activities for children as well because our three are coming.”

“Your children are still babies,” Dyson pointed out.

“Dana’s already prepared for Royce to come and I won’t take no for an answer,” Tyrone
said adamantly.

Melissa looked over at Dyson and then returned to the handsome black man. He had a sure grip on her hand and she could see by the determined look in his dark honey brown eyes that he wasn’t going to take no for an answer. “I’ll see,” she said.

Tyrone released her hand. “Good. I’ll tell Dana to make arrangements.”

She started to walk out the room in a hurried pace, but Dyson called her softly. Instantly she stopped just before opening up the door, but she didn’t turn around to him.

He walked beside her and pressed two bills in her hands and whispered in her ear. “Whatever you have to do, I suggest you get yourself a pair of underwear before I cancel my meeting and drag you in the nearest dark corner.”

Blushing from forehead to neck, she took the money and left out the room.

“I won’t even ask what that was,” Tyrone said.

Sex was sex and Dyson didn’t care if she was working for Reed or not. He still wanted Melissa’s sex and all he could think about was the fact that she didn’t wear underwear the whole time.

“Now can we get down to some business and get out of my personal life?” Dyson

Sex Weed – 11.2 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

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