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Sex Weed – Part 10.2

There’s a lot of confusion on If Melissa and Penelope are twins.

Maybe I didn’t drop the hint too good, but you guys forget I don’t make things easy. I like to challenge you.

I’ll give you the paragraph again to unconfuse you: (note the bold)

With beautiful slanted brown eyes, long eye lashes and heart shaped full lips to accompany the same shaped face. Her skin was the color of light brown almond kissed by the sun and her hair was the deep blaze dark brown that looked almost black.

Did that help?

Now the next question: Is Dyson the father to Daniel?

That’s telling the story.

Now the next question: Who mothered Daniel? Penelope or Melissa

That’s telling the story.

Now the next question: Sylvia, I never got to read parts one through 6.

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I think that’s it, but if there are more questions, please comment on this section or email me offloop. I’ll gladly answer.

This weekend?

It was a hot mess, but I had fun. I went to a friends booksigning. She wrote : the other side of through.

I had fun.

Can’t wait for my booksigning in august? I have games and prizes planned for everyone. I know I got three people to sign up for it. Is that all? I’ll only have three readers at my booksigning?

Sistah feeling depressed. LOL. Maybe I’ll hold the last chapters hostage of this story and make y’all come and release them at the party. Oh you guys would just die wouldn’t ya? that would be cruel… but good idea… LMAO!

This week your job as my favorite readers in order to get extra chapters this week, you’re going to have to convince a guy to come to the site and read the book. I’d love to hear a guy’s opinion on the book. You’ll go into a drawing if you get a guy to make a deep comment on the book or about any book I wrote (give him mistaken identity. He’d like that one) in my guest book at and will win a hand made book thong and an off line book called Maniac Neighbor. I wrote it a while ago and it’s to soon go on sale at Amazon – hopefully if they accept it. (Make sure he mentions you referred him)

No cheating and pretending to be a guy.

BTW, I had this post ready at 8am. But I was so busy that I couldn’t get my hands on pushing publish. Then I forgot about it and was closing off windows to go to lunch and realized this was still sitting on my screen. K and T, you should have texted me on my phone, LOL.

okay, enjoy….

Sex Weed Part 10.2 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

BTW, I should also note that if you’re a new reader and you haven’t read Mistaken Identity, this would be a good time to pick up your copy because you’re about to meet the twins again.

And that’s all i got to say about that…. (snickering)

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