Make Me A Hotter Than July Author!!

Make Me Hotter A Than July Author!!

Vote for me !! Vote for me!!!

You can send them the first paragraph of SEx Weed or any other paragraph you loved. Please help me get voted in! Please Please Please!

NoireMagazine’s Hotter Than July! Caution: Adult Content

Posted by: “Angie Pickett-Henderson” acpickett
Wed May 16, 2007 7:15 pm (PST)

For the July issue, NoireMagazine. com has decided to talk to some of the hottest, steamiest, sexiest authors in the business. We’d like some help from our readers. Tell us which authors have written some of your favorite HOT, HEAD-SLAMMING SEX SCENES, and send us a sample paragraph so we can spotlight them in our Hotter Than July issue! Please send your favorite erotic paragraph to our Senior Editor at and help steam up the pages with a short sexy scene from your favorite author. Here is a sample of what we’re looking for:”Sincere snatched his dick outta me again and grabbed it in his hand. He pressed the tip to my glistening pussy and slid it up and down over my clit, back and forth, until I came like that. Then he moved down lower, sliding his lips across my stomach as his teeth clinked on my belly ring. He dug into my skin as he gripped my thighs, his fingers separating my folds, splitting them apart as he lapped at my curly brown mound, then covered my clit with his hot lips.” –From THONG ON FIRE: An Urban Erotic Tale by NOIRE

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  1. Sylvia Darling, I have sent the first paragraph of Sex Weed to be added as part of the Hotter than July issue of Noire’s Magazine. Now one good deed deserves another POST…POST…POst……Pretty Please..I think we deserve it..

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