Sex Weed – Part 9.2


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  1. Oh My Gawd! Why in the heck did she do that for her sister. What a bitch Penelope is. Grr i don’t know if i hate her more or Dyson for crying out loud lol :). Now i have to wait and see what is going to happen next. Dont keep us in suspense Sylvia, please post again soon. Deja

  2. i think that was a good posting, i didn’t get lost and understand wat went on!

  3. I’m confused good story but I need to read again please post again soon keisha

  4. well i’m a little confused .is daniel melissa’s son? was she also sleeping with dyson? could daniel be dyson’s son?

  5. I wrote this to give you a little (just a little background) on Melissa. She knows a lot more than what she’s saying and everything that’s gold ain’t valuable… whatever that means.I’ve found that I’m a watcher of people. I love to see what they are going to do and why they made the choices in life to be who they are. Melissa is one of those persons who watch people and then find ways to make things work in her favor while still coming out smelling like a rose.She’s also one of those people who never has a silver lining and whon’t get one until she starts standing up for her self and fighting for what she wants instead of running or compromising.But first she has to figure out what she wants.Revenge is best served cold and some people just wait and wait to get their revenge. Some people wait lifetimes to get back at others who have wrong them or some people just stay alive instead of killing themself just to watch others reap what they sow.So what does that last paragraph mean.Don’t know at this time, but Melissa’s going through some things. She’s got to in order to find out where she wants to be. Or whose side she’s really on? Hers or theirs?

  6. Sylvia,You’ve gone and done it again. Your twists and plots are killing me. Seems like the sister thought they were tricking Reed but they might have been the ones tricked. And wouldn’t it be just like you if Milissa had slept with Dyson and Daniel is his son.You go girl. Later.

  7. I’m getting confused. Man melissa probably like Dyson for real. She might’ve always liked him. I’m lost as too what was penelope trying to do pass off Daniel as her and Reed’s? I thought Reed liked penolope why did she have to trick him?

  8. I strongly think that Daniel is Dyson’s son. Why would she name him with a D anyways. Another question I want to know is Penelope and Melissa twins or something. Wouldn’t Dyson know if they switch spots. Was Dyson that evel that he would actually sleep with his brother’s girl. Also who is Melissa married to anyway. It’s seems she is married to Dyson. Hurry up and post so I can understand better. Tori

  9.…!!!!Gurl, if this ain’t a major twist and turn I don’t know what is!!! I also thought Reed liked Penelope so why such deceit and Penny is one selfish wench. I also bet that Daniel is Dyson and Melissa’s boy and would actually love to see that happen!! but what fireworks would erupt….tsk tsk..Sylvia please hurry and post we are on our toes!!Melissa does seem to have a backbone and a hidden agenda somewhere!!!Terez

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