Payback, Inc.- Installment 4

CHAPTER 3The woman seated in the chair was nervous. Slim legs crossed and uncrossed. Manicured nails bit into the chair. Worry lines wiggled across her forehead. No botox there. Every brunette strand of hair was in place and her clothes screamed “expensive!” Didn’t matter. Neiman Marcus or Sears, rural or urban, the women all had … Continue reading Payback, Inc.- Installment 4

Payback, Inc.- Installment 2

Thank you for the wonderful comments. Here is installment 2. EnjoySyd*******************************Rewind...The bar’s atmosphere sizzled. The smoke hugged the ceiling like smog; strobe lights barely making a dent. The volume of the speakers was obviously turned up to LOUD AS HELL. It took great effort to even think, much less converse.A crowd encircled a couple. Center … Continue reading Payback, Inc.- Installment 2