Author Interruption

Hello guys,
Sorry for the delay but my mother is hospitalized and I haven’t been close enough to a computer to put something new on. Where it is, I’m not. I cannot guarantee that I will be back before April ends, but I will try. Please send out a prayer for my family, esp my mother, because we are in a dogfight this time. Take care and just know I’ve enjoyed you.


7 thoughts on “Author Interruption

  1. Sorry to hear about your mother, Sydney. May God manifest healing speedily in her body and provide comfort for your whole family.Nice meeting you.Suprina

  2. Sorry to hear about your mother and I hope she makes a speedy recovery. I have enjoyed your work also.Ljay

  3. I understand your mother is def your first priority at this time just know you are in my prayers and thank you for the wonderful storykeisha

  4. Sorry about your mother. I was starting to worry about you! But whom God keeps is well Kept! I will keep your family in my prayers and I will pray for your strength!We will wait patiently for you!Tia

  5. U know my prayers are with you Syd and I got you and I understand if you don’t have time to come back.I’ll keep the readers updated on any news or they know where to find you.Thanks so much for letting me share this switch with you. It was really relaxing.<>For the readers: <>If you guys haven’t already, you can pick up the story that I was doing over at Syd’s blog and I’ll post twice weekly starting in May.Go to Syd’s blog at: < HREF="
    ” REL=”nofollow”><>or Pick up the story at: < HREF="" REL="nofollow">“<>http:

  6. My prayers go out to you and your mother….This is the first of your works that I have read….enjoying it very much….

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