Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 52.2

Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 52.2

12 thoughts on “Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 52.2

  1. oh my god who is that?oh sylvia u are such a tease.can’t wait to find out who who that person is.great post

  2. omg, u left me hangin:0)gosh! i cant wait for the outcome of the story!

  3. LMAO @ Sinclaire with the hand gestures. Lucky Nedine.And Lena what the hell is wrong with you…Chance was prime husband material. Ugh girl, you make me sick…you just don’t know good you had it. LOL.And who’s that creeping through the house?

  4. Dwight?! Is that you in the house, baby?lol. Good stuff, Sylvia.Suprina

  5. Haven’t posted in a while but still following the story. Bawled my eyes out when I read Dwight’s letter. That’s some love. The things he has done for her are beyond words. See why you have to resurrect him (Hint Hint).Agree that the story seems to be dragging. End soon Sylvia. Later.

  6. ok, who is this now, in the house! This girl dont need no more drama in her life MZ. Cliffhanger of the Nile!!! Lena, crazy girl, we beg for a good man and then we you get him you leave him alone for a trifling, baby daddy! Crazy!!! I guess she like struggling!Tia

  7. I don’t think someone was in the house, i just thought maybe she was thinking of you know what i mean self gratification lol. But then maybe my mind is just in the gutter lol Keep up the good work of queen of the cliffhangers 🙂 lol Deja

  8. Aww! dat hurts i mean i’m fallin off my chair here. Pls Sylvia, give us some more.

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