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Mistaken Identity Part 1-8 Discussion Questions

This month, Shades of Ebony book Club ( is featuring my book: Mistaken Identity as their book of the month. (So cool) and we’re going to be discussing it. You can join there to discuss the book or you can discuss it here on this post. I’d love to hear your feedback on the book and I’ll certainly provide answers to all your questions.
We’re going by parts (because this book does not have chapters).

Hello Everyone,
I’m posting the discussion questions for parts 1-8 for the book, Mistaken Identity. If you havent’ gotten your copy yet, you can go to: and either get it in an ebook or paperback.
This is to start our discussion on our featured book and i’ll post the next set of questions by next week. I’m so excited about this and I’d love to hear your input.
1. what did you think about what Dana did with Jerome in the first chapter?
2. If you had a twin, would you consider switching places if you knew you could get away with it?
3. Considering Dana’s feeling’s about Jerome, do you think she should have convinced him  not to marry her sister?
4. What did you think of the closet scene?
5. If you were in Dana’s shoes would you refuse the offer Denise gave you? (part 4 &5)
6. How did you feel about Denise’s choosing her soros over her sister?
7. How do you feel about parents who favor one sibling over another?
8. In Part 7 and Part 8, Dana had a chance to confess to Jerome her true identity. If she had done it at that point, do you think Jerome would have been more upset at her or Denise?
Considering the hot sex they had just had that morning, in the closet and in the car, would you think Jerome would have still persued Dana at that point?
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