Tia, Keisha & Dee aka Book Junkies- You’re Nutts

I’mma coming. Your messages to my phone, Tia and keeping me going trust me. Good thing I have unlimited texts.
I should post about 3:45pm. I’ve been busy getting a client’s book together all morning that I haven’t typed a word and my son decided to plug up his electric blanket which blew the power out and I haven’t slept a wink searching Detroit for a fuse to fit in my box.
Good Lawd, if I didn’t love that boy so much I swear….
grrrr. gritting my teeth.
So stop refreshing the screen to death, Dee.
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3 thoughts on “Tia, Keisha & Dee aka Book Junkies- You’re Nutts

  1. Good thing I know when to refresh now..instead of those dissapointments..when I see the same thing I read and just read it again..Might’ve missed something..:) LOL

  2. Good to know your text are unlimted me and Tia take turns cause we ain’t trying to raise your phone bill cause we know a sista got enough bills as it is. Understand you gotta work so we will wait on the edge of our seats for your next installment and stop refreshing every 5mins.keisha

  3. Dee I understand how you feel. Keisha and I refresh and then email one another and when we see nothing yet, we are like “WTF, you see what time it is”! So we are like junkies just waiting. So Sylvia, how bout you just keep us in the loop! Still love ya Sylvia!Tia

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