Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 46

As of this post, we have officially hit 100,000 words.

Now if you’re not a novel writer, I don’t think you understand what that means, but it’s a really great point in the story where you say, boy! I’m writing a novel and when you’re still very interested and happy about it, getting to 100,000 words is truly significant.

This also means that I stop the story. Whether it’s finished or not, I take the story down and then finish it off in the ebook.


I’m not ready to do that yet. I’m still deciding what to do once I get to the end. I’m in limbo.

Not where I don’t know what is happening to people, but I’m in limbo on how much I should give you.

And what I want to really do with this story once I finish.

But that’s not your problem, you just hope I give you the whole story…




Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 46 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

2 thoughts on “Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 46

  1. ok you got to give us some more please finish the story at least upt till the epilougue I can wait for that to get the rest of the story but you can’t leave us hanging here. please don’t do that keisha

  2. This is a great story and I really hope Mel has a bullet in the butt or someone shank her PLEASE!For everyone reading this lets show our support and donate to Sylvia publishing efforts. This story is given to us. She taking time from her day to post (and that means allot when you have children,work and not to meantion fixing the damage from the fire in her home.) so let’s show her a little thanks. And just so you know I’m not paying lip services I just donated.PR

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