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Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 43

yeah, i’mma coming. I wasn’t feeling this morning cause we had a small fire inside of the house. I live in a two family flat and downstairs caused a wiring shortage with came through the walls in the children’s room. My son who has asthma is not feeling well and came home from school and my father who just picked up the five year said she sounds wheezy (she doesn’t have asthma but she’s had her tonsils and adnoids removed from her father smoking around her when she was a baby.)

The fire happened in the children’s room. What is a blessing is that it was really cold that night so my children waited until I fell asleep and snuck into my room to fall asleep on the floor. I guess that’s why I’m not that horribly upset. It was a blessing that made them come in here. As stressful as single parenting is, I don’t know what I would do if I lost my babies.

We’re all fine. No one got burned. Where we slept was right by the front door and we ran downstairs while the fire department tackled the blaze.

On top of that the building inspector has yet to come out and we have no electricity. So right now, I’m homeless. (I’ll either move in with my mom or dad until we can go back to our little one bedroom apartment).

It’s amazing what can happen over night.

but I’m not going to let this bother me. Crap happens and I have to keep going.

I was depressed today, so I did something to cheer me up. I made a website. I know that sounds strange but I’m too broke to buy a Dvd – which usually cheers me up – and I’m too broke to take myself even to the dollar movie cause I only got enough gas to make it to this friday when I get a check. I had to shell out money for the kids to get new uniforms. They had nothing to wear and I had to go out and get everything on the little income.

I’m going to take off of work sometime next week and go and apply for emergency food stamps and some kind of financial.

Then I’ll start to seriously look for a house in Detroit. I wanna stay in the city.

In other news, My daughter wants to go to a theatre camp. If anyone knows of a FREE camp she can get into, please let me know. She also wants to attend Interlochen in Michigan. (Yes, she has high hopes) and I want to support her so bad. So if you know of any scholarships of any kind for a A plus black female (she’s 12 now and we need to start gathering money for high school and college) please let me know.

My 10 year old son, Zech, got accepted into DAcep. That’s an engineering camp. It’s free. (my favorite word) and he’ll studying forensic science.

That sounds so cool. I’m going to sneak into classes with him just to study crime forensics.

I’ve been thinking about going back to school myself. I want to go back to my broadcasting alma alter, Specs Howard School of Broadcasting and study video editing. They have a six week course but it cost $3000 dollars. I’m looking into grants and financial aid. So pray for me.

Maybe I’ll win the 200 million lottery.

Nah, i never played before, so why start now, LOL.

sorry for the late post. I hope you didn’t tear out too much hair.

Yeah Lethal and Onyx are SOB’s but when have they ever been really nice to anyone?

What’s king and lethal’s story? It has to do with Lynx. If you don’t know lynx, you can meet him in the story Silent Lynx.



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