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Author Interuption – Comments from Chpt 39

I just had to stop writing and comment on those post. I know I shoulda included a chapter with this post, but Keisha you’re a nut!

you don’t want to hurt me, but please finish. I was trying to figure out if I should draw up the restraining order now or should I wait until Chapter 41? I think I’ll fill it out now.

Tana-sue – Yes, the letter from Vital records does have something to do with Amanda.

Keisha – Btw, how many co-workers? Gawd, I’m amazed I make office fodder. That’s so cool.

Shay – Let’s really analyze that. Everyone deserves a happy ending and I guess that’s why we read books because that’s the only place you know you can find it huh? I’ll do my best. okay, but no promises. And Yes, I’m trying to post another chapter, but you guys are making my laugh too hard.

Anonymous2 – you’re the fourth person who said i’m killing you here. Umm, isn’t that why they call me the Cliffhanger Queen? LOL. And if I could clone him, I would have to make three of him. One for me of course, one for you and i think another reader – I wanna say Delores – already called for him. The way I remember the reader talking, she might try to take all three for herself. LMAO. Anyone else want a clone of Dwight?

Okay, okay, I’m getting back to writing. but I will tell you, YES Sinclaire is pregnant.

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