Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 36


Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 36 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

3 thoughts on “Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 36

  1. I love the story but I find it frustrating how Sin, lets her sister and mother walk all over her. When her mother talked to her like that when it was clear the mother has been an ho from day one bothers me. Sin should send the money to her mother and tell her to pay her own damn bill and her sister she should tell her that if she cant respect her right to privacy in her home don’t darken the door step.

  2. God!!! I really hate that bitch Amelia! Sylvia I hope somewhere in this you will have her get what she deserves. Its disgraceful how she and her daughter treat Sinclaire. And I hope Sincalire will tell them both to go to hell and live her life!Sylvia you really got me going now!! I’m about to bust here.Ljay

  3. I agree with the other posters. I thought it was funny Sin being caught with a man in her bed…oh think what woulda happened if Annelle actually saw who was actually in the bed.And Mel…she needs to go somewhere. Sin really needs to stand up for herself. And for Dwight to have heard the convo and still remain calm after that…shoot, I’ll marry you Dwight. Lol, though my inner bitch was wishing that Dwight woulda grabbed the phone a ripped Mel a new one…but then he’d know who she was. I’m dying to find out what Onyx told Dwight. And is it Thanksgiving yet cause I can’t wait for the festivaties, lol.

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