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Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 34.2

Yeah it’s short again, but I really doing this as I go to pump out these chapters. I want to be at 80 thousand words by the end of the weekend and you know what that means folks…

Oh yeah, the newbies don’t know.

Well, usually these works average about 100,000 words. We’re at 70,000 right now which is a pretty good deal of a free read. Trust me, my brain is showing the tell tale signs of being exhausted – which is why I only do this every three months.

Sometimes I feel like nothing exist, time stops and all the world just disappears. It’s just me, the clicking of the keyboard and what my brain makes my fingers do. And when I come out of it, I actually have to reread what I’ve done because it was like i wasn’t there as I created something really good.

I really don’t like Lethal. I really don’t like scenes with him. He’s mentally exhausting to write for because of how complicated he is. He’s a man you would love to want to be around, but dont’ want to get next to. I’m attracted to him, drawn to him, in love with him, but … there’s just soemthing about him I can’t put my finger on as to why I dislike him.

Anyhoo, like i was saying in the beginning. My word count is usually about 100,000 for all stories and with it going on 80K that means we’re coming to action scenes.

I’m in a bitchy mood this weekend. Maybe because Aunt Dottie moved in and was one day late so she’s making up for all she missed and causing havoc below the wasit which in turn causes havoc with my mind. Guess it’s a good time to jump into Onyx – whose safer but dealdlier huh? Lethal’s in akilling mood and I don’t think I want him around dwight too much.

I know i’m talking crazy, but hey I’m an author and we got license to be crazy, just like James Bond got license to kill.


okay, enjoy…


Sin’s Iniquity Chapter 34.2 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

BTW, Delores, you are one smart cookie. I just re-read your posts over and over and i’m just amused at how you figured things out… but why is Gideon is hiding? What secret does the household maid holds over Amelia and who really killed Amanda?

It’s less than two weeks to Thanksgiving. Two weeks until Sinclaire can tell Dwight the truth.

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