Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 26

still sleepy but I know I won’t post much for the weekend.

See no cliffhanger, LOL.


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4 thoughts on “Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 26

  1. Ok ewww….lol, I know Mel is dirty and all but for Jackson to sit there and try to press up on Sinclaire while he is sleeping with her mother is just nasty.

    Ok now Jackson and Mel are together for revenge against someone. The guy she loved in Chicago…Dwight??? But that is the obvious choice (with the whole same name as wife, and kids), but Dwight moved and no longer lives there. Then there is King Heart (not sure about that one), or Dalton…he was done wrong by a woman maybe it was Mel.

    And come to think of it, maybe she is in love with Gideon. He is in love with the Foster that died and he was convicted for. Maybe Mel killed her to get him but it didn’t turn out the way she thought. Um, I don’t know…my mind’s working overtime and right now all signs point to Dwight as being Mel’s mistery Chicago man. But Dwight’s wife didn’t want him and left cause he didn’t have any money. Oh shut up…don’t tell me that Jackson is the missing Rutger kid that hates Dwight. Dwight getting back the debt making Jackson poor and not having any money for college. And now he’s with Mel to get back at Dwight. The only reason I could see Mel having a problem with Dwight is because he didn’t start making money until after she left…inturn not sharing it with her and taking her back. I don’t even know if she really cares for the kids. The only one she seems to show special attention to is Annelle. But you know what that would explain the many dinner dates that Sinclaire was warned to stay away from…maybe the kids were visiting her then. Ok sorry for the long rant, this stuff just popped into my mind and I just had to get it out, lol.

  2. When will Sinlaire meet Dwight kids? I thought they were important to him? And she is? So if she is why can they meet eachother?

  3. When did Dwight find out the information he told Sinclaire about her father. Sylvia seemed to have jumped some pagees here. This thing with Mel being in love has also thrown me off. Who could it be… Delores gave me some things to thing on. Will have to re-read previous posts.

    Yes, if all he thought of before Sinclair came into his life were the kids why hasn’t Dwight introduce the “woman he loves” to them yet.

    Sorry you’re so tired Sylvia. Know how that feels. Get the rest so that you can give us what we want. More posts. LOL.

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