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Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 24.3

Here are my notes from the last comments and some more things. Thanks !

Wow! I am truly amazed at the diversified definitions of the word.
Now my take on it.

I guess I would say that incest takes place with the lines of parent to
child or guardian (step parent) to child are crossed AND when
bloodlines of first to third generation are crossed.

Taboo lines are greyed on this subject and it just depends on the
person in order to say what is wrong when you go over generations and
incorporate the removal of persons within the family (divorce, separation, or
just not there in a family sense.)

Now as for Dwight and Sinclaire. i’m still trying to work that out. I’m
looking at my family chart and I can go in two different directions.
When was Lloyd mentioned? I misspelled his name when Taylor was
speaking about The Rutger widow.

When is King Heart mentioned? He’s briefly spoken on in Sweet REunion
but I’ve never gone into depth about it all.

Now I’m about to give out a story spoiler for Stealing Innocence III:
Lethal Heart and King’s Paradise (If you don’t know Paradise, you need
to read Tanner’s Devil.) These books are not out yet.

In any case, in the past books, I have mentioned that Lethal does have
some animosity for the Chicago relatives and even Onyx has a bitch with
Blaque Heart, who is King Heart’s little sister. Red, Sheriff and Queen
complete the Chicago Heart family.

There was an incident that happened a long time ago that split the
family apart. Really two incidents. One was when the disappearance of
Lethal’s little brother Lynx, who was never found which split the parents of
King and Lethal’s apart. And then when Lethal was closing his last case
for the government, King lied to him about some information, hence
Lethal committed a very immoral and illegal crime which he’s never forgiven
King for.

I’m introducing King Heart in this story to prepare for King’s Paradise
and then you will follow it with Stealing Innocence III and then the
final book of the Heart family which will be the extended version of
Silent Lynx, which has yet to be titled. (A lot of people always ask me
when will I continued the rest of that story.)

Now as for Suprina, I wouldn’t say that was incest. It was statutory
rape or coruption of a minor and he should go to jail! Now if you were at
a consensual age, that would be Taboo and highly immoral since he was
doing it behind your mother’s back, but not incest. Just my opinion.



Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 25.2 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

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