Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 23

Discussion topic for this post from all the comments I received from last post. What is your definition of incest?

Even when I looked up this term, I found that it is so vast that it’s hard to say what exactly would be deemed incest?

  • in·cest (ĭn’sěst’) Pronunciation Key n. (from
    *Sexual relations between persons who are so closely related that their marriage is illegal or forbidden by custom.
    *The statutory crime of sexual relations with such a near relative.

It never states by blood or not and that’s where I’m having the conundrum at. Help and your thoughts please.



Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 23 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

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What is your definition of incest?

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  1. ok I still need more info but to answer your question I feel that incest is having a sexual relationship with someone related to you by blood.

  2. Wow, I would think there would be a better definition for incest then that. On some levels I agree with it but I always thought that incest dealt with blood/familial ties. I’ll wait to see what others have to say cause most likely I’ll agree with them…right now I just don’t know what to say.

    I can understand where if Dwight and Sinclaire were closly related somehow (past or presently) but not share any blood ties, how that would be considered incest. His kids would be related to her and he would have to have been with Mel, and since he’s trying to marry Sinclaire that would make her her sister and brother’s stepmom. That is just too much confusion, let’s keep them not related please.

    As for the story, Sinclaire needs answers and she’s not getting them. I know she’s the queen of run around but her man was shot at. Does she really want to spend the rest of her life worrying about his safety? I’m thinking since he checked her things, its time for her to check his. And if that doesn’t work, give him an ultimatum or something cause he’s not gonna stop until he finds info about her and her father. Dwight’s more secretive then Sinclaire.

  3. Awwww…he loves her and how he told her was very romantic. In a twisted, alternate universe kind of way that is…lol. Well msybe just the universe HE lives in then.

    Incest…to me its relatives…any and all who SHARE blood.


  4. Hi Sylvia,

    It’s funny that you should mention this; a friend and I were having this very same debate. She feels that as long as there is no direct bloodties, than it isn’t incest.

    Personally, I think that blood isn’t the deciding factor, but it is the easiest to use as a measuring stick. I feel that if you’re raised in the same home or under the same under the same familial rules, then you’re related, bloodties or not. Case in point, Woody Allen and his daughter. Yes, that’s his daughter, since he adopted her legally. They’re relationship should never been allowed to cross the line to become husband and wife. He raised her, whether his seed created her or not!

    Just to let you know, my friend didn’t see anything wrong with step-siblings becoming romantically involved, because as most people would say, they’re not blood-related so it’s okay…

    Just my thoughts on the subject,
    Philly Girl

  5. Thank Gawd Dwight is not dead or hurt badly. Who is Lodyd Rutger? When did you mention his name. I must have overlook his name before now. Which book has King Heart? BTW GREAT WONDERFUL BRILLIANT AMAZING!!!!!!!

    What is my definition for incest…when you have blood relation with a family member. For instance if a person father or give birth to another human and have sexual relationship with that person. Mother/son father/daughter brother/sister cousin/cousin mother/daughter father/son sister/sister brother/brother or cousin/aunt or uncle so on so on…Only if you have marry into a family that does not consider as incest. That my definition of incest.

  6. According to Wikipedia: Incest is sexual activity between close family members. Incest is considered taboo, and forbidden (fully or slightly) in the majority of current cultures.

    The precise meaning of the word varies widely, because different cultures have differing notions of “sexual activity” and “close family member”. Some cultures consider only those related by birth, while others include those related by adoption or marriage. Some prohibit sexual relations between people who grew up in the same household, while others prohibit sexual relations between people who grew up in related households.

    Incest can occur between same-sex as well as opposite-sex relatives. It can also occur between related children as well as between parents and their children. In addition, there have been cases of incest between adult relatives.


    Suprina’s personal definition of incest primarily involves any sexual activity between those related by blood or marriage.

    I also consider what one of my mother’s boyfriends tried to do to me as incestuous even though he wasn’t my real stepfather. What does the group think?

  7. I very much agree with Philly Girl. Incest would be sex between blood relatives or parents due to adoption. When you adopt a child, you are the parent. I have no issue with step-siblings having a relationship, since they did not choose to adopt.

  8. I like Wikipedia’s defintion better then the one from the dictionary…I agree with it.

  9. Well Britannica defines incest as “Sexual relations between persons who, because of the nature of their kinship ties, are prohibited by law or custom from intermarrying.” I think the key word here is kinship ties- do not have to be blood relationship. If someone is being considered being equivalent of a close relation it is wierd to have sexual ties with them.

    So Sylvia, please, please do not let there be any kind of ties b/w Sin and Dwight- it will be too much like soap serials like “bold and beautiful” where everyone marries everyone else 🙂 (shudder)- and I think you should be above that.


  10. I haven’t posted in a long time but I love this story. I think that Dwayne’s kids are Sinclaire’s brother and sister. I mean her mother already has one set of twins why not another and she did leave the girls alot with Mama Gerty. So technically Dwayne and Sinclair are not blood relations. He just got to sleep with the mom and daughter. Cool with me just wierd for the Dwaynes kids

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