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Sin’s Iniquity – Author’s Interuption

It’s like 9:30 pm in Detroit and I’m finished with the love scene I just haven’t posted it yet. Matter of fact, it was so slow at work I got all the way to Chapter 20. I’ll post tomorrow.

First off, hello Lola from Nigeria. I haven’t heard from you in a while. Now you brought up some very interesting observations, but I don’t want to address them YET. They were really deep and oneof the things, I’d forgotten i’d thrown in until you said something, but I don’t think anyone else noticed that either about Jackson.

Second, alright, i’ll look for another model for the Sweet Reunion cover. It’s better than the last.

Third, I am licking … I’m mean liking… Dwight too, LMOA.

Fourth: reader comment and question: I love Dwight. Hes so good for Sinclaire. I’ve read both stealing innocences, road to freedom and stones revenge (it was my first book of yours. my friend got that one as a gift for me and I’vebeen hooked to you since william) Where do you get the men from? are they people you really know or do u just make them up as you go? I was fantasizing bout William Stone for a week after I finished that book. is he coming back in any of your other books? i was so happ you brought jaelen back in this book .i missed him. but now i want william back.

author response: boy that’s a lot of questions. I need to get paid for this Q&A at the rate y’all going, LOL. okay here goes: William is my first love. I really have no idea where I got that gorgeous man from. I made that story, Stone’s REvenge up when i was sixteen years old and at the time i was still a virgin using love scenes I’d only read about as fuel to my fire and men from old historical romances as contemporary men, but William was cut from a very different cloth being the son of a serial killer so as i created him (and originally he was black, just as Dwight was originally black, but I turned him white and I turned William hispanic)… as i created William, he shapped into this magnificent being with so much powerful presence he scared me and attracted me. I was always reluctant to jump in his head when he wasn’t around abigail, because it was so hard to think likea man, but somehow i pulled it off. somehow, even though I had yet to be invloved with men I was able to bring William to life. I contribut that to being raised by my father. Unlike other girls my age i was raised in a household with my dad only since i was nine years of age and i gues that’s why i have no problem telling a man to go to the store and get me the ones with wings… without batting an eye. LOL Next: I get my men from just a lot of men put together stariting with the good qualities of my father. he’s a formidable man with a cynical yet powerful presence. he can be mean at one point and just hilarious the next. He can talke with you on any subject you ever thought of and he’s mentally stimulating to boot. i think we were the only family in Detroit as i was growing up that faithfully watch jeopardy everynight. it was about the only thing our family did faithfully. anyway, the other characteristics are from little bits of other men i know. my best friend from high school, my platonic partner in florida, Mr. D from the police and about two more. All of whom I have never to this day have had sexual relations with and still are good friends with (until this time because they are probably reading this and know i’m tlaking about them, LOL). Now I will admit, Chance Jefferson is the first man I’ve ever put in a story that is true. He’s not (in real life a doctor and his name isn’t Chance) but I got him from a guy I know and that’s all I got to say about that (he’s probably reading this too.) next… william will come back in the book after The other side of love… if you haven’t picked up Stone’s Revenge you probably won’t understand what i’m about to say. Remember lydia was searching for her family? Well (and this is an inside secret so shhhhh), Lydia’s family is the Bellini’s and you knowwhat that means to William right, but you should have figured all that out in the book although a lot ofpeople forget that Lydia’s storyline was the only storylinei n Stone’s Revenge left opened. (therewere a lot of details in that story). I think i answered everything, but if I didn’t you’ll let me know for sure.

Fifth: Delores, you are funny. (from the lastcomments you made). A lot of times i read romances and the characters have personal issues (thinking aobut killing themselves, burning, nervous conditions, eating diseases) and the writer will get the reader (or try) to believe that once he/she falls in love this condition just goes away andnever comes back. Now I’m a believer that love has a way of healing and curing a lot of conditions, but some just need to be faced by both arties and then dealt with. She had a lot of problems that love can’t just kiss away and I needed Dwight to understand and know what was going on because love makes people better, not perfect. (that probably made no sense, but hey, my brain is shutting down and I’m not even looking at the screen as i type – I’m watchin Step Up (that contemporary dirty dancing movie. Taht actor in it is sooooo sexy and i’m imaging him in one of my stories.) … okay, back on the subject of responding to delores: the fourth climax will be happening shortly and i will address something else in a moment about this whole durn love scene. (which is why I revealed in the first place that i’m all the way on chapter 20). … thirdly: for you delores: (and this is a story spoiler) I’m only going to say this once … this one time so read carefully between the lines, DWIGHT AIN”T NO SAINT. He’s a busienss man and he will do whatever it takes to get the job done. WHATEVER! Needless to say that’s why he carries a gun on him the majority of the time.

The reason in the beginning why I mentioned about how i’m on chapter 20, which is why I made this author interuption, is because I went back and counted the pages of thsi entire love scene and realized I’d writen a thirteen page (8.5×5.5) love scene. In a smaller book form that’s going to jump to about 20 pages. on tope of that, he dont’ even stick it in! Who in their right minds would write a thirteen page love scene. Is that normal? Do I write really long love scenes? Is that why some authors piss me off with that paragraph love scene? I tell people I’m not a detail person except when I write love scenes? Why?

The bad part about this all is that if you go back and read from the beginning of the love scene all the way to then, it’s really hot and really gets you bothered, right? Now imagine being without a man and reading this.

(raisng my hand)

Maybe its okay to not have a man when writing these scenes becasue if I was being satisfied at home, my love scenes would be short and pathetic like those authors i can’t stand to read… and off topic that really does piss me off because they have this great story but the love scenes are shot to hell. He touched her face, they kissed, he pulled her in his arms molding his body against hers and she just knew they would make it to the bed within moments…. the next morning as she laid in his arms…. hold up wait! where’d they go? what’d they do? hold up hold up hold up, cow! i want more….

So that’s why I write long love scenes. I just had to come to my own conclusions in my own head.

But I’d really like a man instead of a lot of paper cuts, LOL.

i’m a nut and i really need some help, but until then I’ll just keep writing.

PS Sorry for the typos!

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