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Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 10.2

Long day, long night… Didn’t get much done. Migraine creeping up but trying to ignore it.

My day fixed my window with vinyl so that it looks like there’s a window there. (So sweet of him) until I can come up with the money to get that fixed (Not til next month.)

I think i’m becoming paranoid because I keep jumping up in the middle of the night and staring at my car.I don’t go out anymore because I’m terrified I’ll lose my parking spot and I’ll have to park across the street.

I really hate being violated. It’s almost like rape.


In anycase, I brought you another part of this chapter and I’ll answer a few more questions and give you another update of things.

@ offline message #1: (Question) Where’s Lethal and stealing innocence III?

Lethal is almost done. It’s going through the second round edits. (my timeline was so off it was ridiculous, but its hard when you go from the future to the past and then back to the present.)

Stealing Innocence I update: As of tonight, Stealing Innocence will no longer be available for free. Road to Freedom will be the offered novel in its place. Anyone who knows the series, knows this will be a great loss to the free reading community (don’t be mad at me, please).

I plan to take all three novels on a great spree or hopefully sell the line to a publisher, but keep the rights to my characters.

There was another update:

Tonight, (if you haven’t) check out the new covers to the following books at my website: and then go to my website at, sign the guestbook and tell me what you thought of them:

In my next post, I’ll premiere Sin’s Iniquity new cover in the next post and let you know how you can get a download of the book up until Chapter 10.


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