Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 5.3

Author's Note: right now, I'm just angry a bit. Someone broke into my car by smashing the window WHEN THE DOOR WAS ALREADY UNLOCKED!!!!! I don't mind that they were in desperate need of money, but if you're a crook, could you at least make it a little easy for the person you're robbing by … Continue reading Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 5.3

Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 5.2

Author's Note: No I wasn't trying to be funny with that short post. LOL.Enjoy...As she relieved her stomach for the second time, she heard someone knocking on the stall’s door.“Are you okay?” a familiar voice asked.Sinclaire leaned up against the door and peeked through the slit to see Taylor Bellini standing there looking annoyed at … Continue reading Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 5.2