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UPCOMING STORY: Sin’s Iniquity! appearing LIVE with Sylvia Hubbard

She’s at it again! Sylvia Hubbard, Your favorite suspense romance author will be debuting another story online LIVE starting January 1st, 2007 at 10am.
Wanna get in on the fun? Wanna set up your bookclub to join in on a daily basis exciting chapters to get your group talking?
Then meet us at: on January 1st, 2007 at 10am to find out where the story will be posted.
UPCOMING STORY: Sin’s Iniquity!
About book:
Sinclaire wants simplicity in her life. In order to prove her self worth to her ungrateful and evil mother, she is studying for the bar and in no way does she want any one or anything to get in the way of her goal.
That is until Christopher Bowman steps into her life and wants to very much get to know the plain Sinclaire.
Despite what she wants to prove to her mother, Sinclaire can’t help her attraction to the wealthy powerful gorgeous Christopher and gives in to her heart.
Yet, sins of the past are destined to tear them apart or kill them in the process of being revealed.
Author’s Note: Often Sylvia Hubbard connects characters in one book to characters in another book. Instead of inserting a bio, she has deigned to use this space to answer let the reader know what books are connected to this book.  To find out more about this author and the books mentioned, please visit her website at:
Other recommended reads to this book:
(And any other Heart and Bellini story that I have out there, including Tanner’s Devil which is an addendum and give clues to King Heart)
Updates for past readers: I know you’ve been waiting patiently and if you want to know about Dark Facade, we’re still working on it. Sweet Reunion is getting edited as we speak and Drawing the Line… that’s another story in itself, but I hope to see it pushed out soon too. P.S. I bet’chall can’t believe I got a cover ready for you that quick. P.P.S.: No, this is not an I/R, sorry to those fans that love that and also as a bonus, if you haven’t noticed, I did take down Tanner’s Devil and Teach Me To Love at the story blog, but I didn’t erase the comments.
CONTEST ALERT: I’m working on the family tree for the Bellini’s and Heart’s and if you’re a past reader, could you for me name as many characters as possible that you remember from all the books. The winner to name the most characters from both families will receive a special prize. Send your entry to:

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