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The Reunion Complete. by tomorrow.. available…soon
By tomorrow night, this story will be complete. I’ve decided to rename the story:
(drumroll please)
Sweet Reunion
A lot of people were so adamant about keeping the original title so it hung in my caw for a while and then I settled for this.
I was really trying to get away from the S thing and I didn’t want to use Deceptive because I’ve got a book like that already. (Deceptive Nights – which everyone knows is kind of like a standalone from Dreams of Reality and I didn’t want another D name either.) LOL
I’ve assigned out the book cover already and once its in its final stages I’m going to let you guys get a preview.
This time I’m not doing it myself and I’m going to use all the money I’ve raised or will be raising to afford to pay the book cover designer.
(Since I have a car now, I don’t need a car fund anymore, so that will be changing soon).
Today, I’ll be posting parts forty-nine, fifty and fifty one.
Tomorrow, I should post the last chapter of this story, but there’s a catch…..
( I can feel the dread churning.)
The story will be reposted and updated on lulu and the last chapter will be only included in that part. of course 51 ends in a cliffhanger. I wouldn’t be Sylvia if I didnt’.
Now how do you get your hands on the end of the story:
1. if you have submitted a donation during the story through Paypal, you’re going to receive not only the last portion of the book, but you’re also going to receive Cabin Fever (Prince Heart story. I’m going to go through the payment log tomorrow, so you still have time to donate.
2. You can purchase the entire book on my lulu site after Monday 11/20//06
After this (and I really mean this one), I won’t be doing a story again until after the new year. I really mean that this time. I’ll be working on finishing the final edits on Tanner’s Devil and Dark Facade and then starting on Stealing Innocence.
No, I don’t know what the next one will be, but I want it to with a serial killer, to get some frustration off my chest.
Stay tuned and thank you for enjoying this ride with me.

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