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Yeah, I’ve gotten about … well, it’s too many to name, LOL

So I’ve been a little busy, but I got a treat for you.

Presently, I’m dictating the diary of a Sheryl Banks.

Her intro is as follows:
I decided to start this diary of … (well I don’t know yet, LOL)

Come with me on my journey to find what every woman wants… a man. A good man.

Don’t expect a post every day, because my life isn’t that exciting (day to day excitement, I mean), but I think it’s sure to keep you on your toes. (smiling wickedly to self).

I’ll post when Sheryl dictates, but most likely once a week and I told her we’d like something at least on a Friday or Monday so that people are coming in all the time and being disappointed.

She said she would try to make sure she does this.

So Enjoy and please don’t ask me to tell you who she is. She’s changed her name to protect the innocent, LOL. (Her words not mine.)

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