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FW: Mistaken Identity is Book cover of the week

Please go and nominate me. I’m so happy to be featured!

Subject: Mistaken Identity is Erin Aislinn’s Book cover of the week
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2006 21:18:27 -0700

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Hi, Sylvia:


Your cover for MISTAKEN IDENTITY is now featured in BOOK COVER OF THE WEEK. It will be displayed for one week on my home page at I�ve included a link to your purchase page on Amazon.


Voting for the Best of JULY will run from AUGUST 1-31, so if you have newsletters going out, I invite you to notify your fans that a vote for your book cover will give them an automatic entry for a chance to win your book. The voting page is at:


Thanks again for participating.





Erin Aislinn


Erin Aislinn�s Book Cover of the Month


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