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Yes, life has really got in the way.
All three of my children caught this weird cough in the house and it was keeping me up all night long dealing with it.
When i finally got tired of buying cough medicine and took them to the doctor it was to find out that my oldest, Maggie – had asthma and Jacque – the baby had a weird ear infection and Zech just had to increase his present asthma regime.
Then Zech got bit by a pitbull – go figure. This lady next door let her pitbull out to just run around because her lazy butt don’t want to walk him and the dog just ran up on the porch – MY PORCH – and bit my son. I had to file to have the dog removed from the house and now my brother says I should sue her for everything she’s got – including her baby daddy payments – LOL.
I’ve made updates to my website. I took out a lot of old dates and promises because I was upset that a lot of you were visiting and looking for stories that i promised to have finished by now and they weren’t there.
I’m working on it all slowly but surely and if you go to the site and see something please let me know.
I re-editing Mistaken Identity (mostly grammatical and so forth) and now I’m re-editing Tanner’s devil and will be doing a re-edit on Teach me to Love.
dark facade, Other side of Love, stealing innocence III: Lethal Heart is still in the works. I SWEAR. I carry them around with me constantly.
I made an addition to The Reunion and now you can view Chapter 5.
Dreams of REality is being completed so that you can just download the entire story. Of course i couldn’t put the entire story on the board and I should have that done by Auguet or September.
I’ll be in Chicago in August and I’ll keep you updated about that so I hope to have area readers come out and see me.
As for everything else, email and I’ll let you know the progress.
By the way, I’d like you all the check out the READER’S TREASURE HUNT going on at two different sites.
For the Reunion update:

Jennifer Domenichini wrote:

Hi Sylvia,

Just wondering if there will be anymore updates to the story on your
blog site?

I’m guessing with the kids off from school, book tour and the great
weather it is low on the list.

Just wondering because I’m dying to see what happens next.



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3 thoughts on “Re: update to blogsite & website

  1. I’m so glad you’re back. Talk about a hectic life. I’m glad everything is ok and understand, because when it comes to life, you can’t take a break. P.S. I live in Chicago and believe me, wherever you are, I will be.

  2. Hey Are you going to be posting at all? or do we have to wait for the completion of the book… Eager to read the upcoming chapters…Thanks

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