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Author Interuption : by george i think i’ve got it!

with all the frustration of trying to adjust to this blog, i’m glad i chose a story I had already started working on.
i couldnt’ figure out why things I copied and pasted fro mthe original file were not taking into the blog html’s.
it was doing a reformatting thing and it was crazy! and very frustrating because I knew you guys could not understand the story.
So here’s the deal.
Why’ll I’m figuring this story out by the format, I’ll be updating the updated downloable ebook for you like once a week and then on the weekends you can catch up, if the formatting problem is takign too long to figure out.
thanks so much for your patience.
PS. I’ll be reformatting that downloaded ebook too and quit printing off the book. Just read it onscreen til I get to the problem.
Thanks again!
Sylvia Hubbard
Author of Stone’s Revenge just newly re-released @ .
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