Author Interuption: Red Heart

I didn't realize the entire story wasn't posted until a reader questioned me about it.Hey, I'm not that behind.I completed the story a while ago and here it is, so enjoy if you want to. This completes Red's story for the Heart of Detroit series. One down thirteen to go, LOL.Thanks for the reminder about … Continue reading Author Interuption: Red Heart

Dreams of Reality Chapter 4

this book is no longer available here1.Dreams of Reality by Sylvia Hubbard (Paperback - Aug 10, 2000)1 new from $13.87 (5)Books: See all items2.Dreams of Reality by Sylvia Hubbard and Makaila Frances (Kindle Edition - Jun 29, 2011) - Kindle eBookBuy: $2.99Auto-delivered wirelesslyKindle Store: See all items.Dreams of Reality Chapter 4 (c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard Sylvia Hubbard and download a book at: in all formats.