Responses to Post from the Ending of Tanner’s Devil

(taking a bow)


That’s over and finished and now I am breaking until the end of April. Yes, I know that ‘s a long time, but I need to concentrate on a lot of projects that are in the works as we speak.


Tonight (03/30/06) at 6pm, I’ll be doing and Internet Marketing for Everyone workshop at the Entrepreneur Institute – Wayne County Community College Eastern Campus. It’s a free course and if you’re interested, drop in.

In answer to the upcoming calendar event for me, I’ve started a listing at:

It’s still a work in progress and I haven’t even added it to the nav bar yet.

On April 4th I’ll be doing the Delores Thornton

I’d like all of you to tune in and tell everyone to do the same and send me really hard questions to mess me up on air – or try to, but I’m pretty much on my game when it comes to my books and writing. LOL.

Now Dezi, I didn’t post your comments because … well some of it was positive and some were negative. I do appreciate your critique of my work and I’ve resolved that people will think what they think. I’d love for you to please email me off loop and let me know exactly what you thought was lame and what you didn’t like.

As for the negative comments you had about certain members responses to your critique, I really couldn’t publish those because I’m the only one that they get to kill, LOL.

Sweets: I’ll be uploading the full version only until the end of the day Friday so download it fast at my lulu site: Hit it after 2pm today when the full version will b be there.

Eva: please don’t cry. Story is over with and I can’t give you anymore. Sorry

Anon1, 2 & beeutee: Thank you .

Kim: no i haven’t found another cover for the book. couldn’t find a pic of a black woman and white man. got some?

Sing Dammit: (still love the nick name, LOL) You’re welcome, glad I could let the baby live. And I wish I had me a Devlin too.

Shai: I’ll be doing Pari’s story soon. Working it out in my head as we speak. And no there are no deleted scenes to post. This is not a DVD crazy.

Suprina: I will go get some rest, thank you!

4 thoughts on “Responses to Post from the Ending of Tanner’s Devil

  1. Hi SylviaI realy like your books but this one sounded like you rushed in the end. I was so into the book until the trip to Itally. Everything from then on was too rushed. OK , the end one would expect you to at least bring all the characters that were in play like the butler and the press. Also Tanner disease was another question mark at the end. There were cliff hangers but i expected you to continue in that vein but someone else explained or were just left with a question mark like the thump thump before the fire bang. How did Tanner’s ring end up with Nina and why was she at the house. The story had no finalty could been Devlin being given his dukeship or the birth of their child. I think the best ever work you ever did was Stealing Innocence 1 and i have read about 6 of your books.

  2. Slyvia, First of all I am want to express my gratitude to you for using your talents and for your excellent writings which is such a pleasure to read. I wish you every success in your future endeavours. The ending turned out so beautiful for Tanner and Delvin and it proves that Love is stronger then any other force. Thumbs up my sister!!!!

  3. I have to agree with anonymous. The end was sweet but not your typical Sylvia end. LOL>I didn’t think about it but anonymous does have a point about the dangling end. Unless it is put in Pari’s story.

  4. Just got finished reading and i agree with all… But since i think this will be turning into a book we will all buy i gather all of our questions will be answered then.Sylvia thanks for taking us along on this literary trip cannot wait for more.~Jaimi

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