Tanner’s Devil THE END

I hope I closed all the doors in the story. Umm, the felecia thing (Marlena), I’ll go back and change it. it’s no one new.

I’m only leaving this chapter up until Friday and then I’m taking every thing off except the first five chapters so read away. I’ll post the entire book in lulu tomorrow to download until Friday and then I’ll start charging.

If I missed anything please let me know.



10 thoughts on “Tanner’s Devil THE END

  1. aaaahhhhh!!! i’m gonna cry!!! why does it have to end???? give us mooore!!! we can wait a while though

  2. What a great ending and Mommy got put in her place.It is on my buy list when you publish it…

  3. Sylvia,Congratulations, the ending was wonderful! Like the cliche goes, “all good things must come to an end”. Thank you for the adventure of Tanner and Devlin.KimP.S. Did you ever find another cover for the book?

  4. Sylvia,Thank you for including us on Devlin and Tanner’s journey. And thanks for lettin’ her baby daddy live. *sigh*…I wish I had me a Devlin (even when he is an a$$).Wonderful story, wonderful ending. Congratulations.Sing Dammit

  5. Aww, what a sweet ending. I hope there is a sequel or a story intertwining in Pari’s story. I actually want to see some more sex scenes with D and T. LOL. Do you have some deleted scenes? You know how DVDs now show what was cut from the story.LOL.

  6. Soooooooooo sweet! This was so good. Keep up the good Job. I wanted to know whta will be your next project though. Is it going to be like your other work, or is it going to be totally different? And what are we going to see in the future from you?

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