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Tanner’s Devil Part 43.3

I seriously phucked up the template on this blog. Don’t know what I did or how i did it, but I erased EVERYTHING!

good thing blogger is like idiot proof and I put all my HTML’s in a safe place. The blog should be back to normal by the end of the day.

Guess what, JDub, I started my belly dancing workout regime. Got the DVD on amazon and when I woke up this morning it felt like someone had punched me in the stomach all night long. LOL. But it was so worth it. If I could just lose my kangaroo pouch, I’d be da bomb!

sorry for taking so long for this post too and thank you all for the words of encouragement.

Yeah, I been pretty quiet in the response department and those comments i chose to post from the readers instead of rejecting was mean, yeah but I’m a writer and I should take critique of my work openly. So I decided to let it go and see what you all said about it.

And yes, you are paying my child’s tuition because her worthless father refuses to pay. He moved to another state and taking money under the table so no one can trace him. He won’t even give me an address. Yes, I blame myself, but this is a handup not a handout. I am a single mother of three working like a Jamaican to get the job done. I’m not taking advantage of the system and I’m contributing towards the system too with every dime I earn and the taxes I pay.

Okay, Enjoy!…


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