Tanner’s Devil Part 43.2

Tanner’s Devil Part 43.2 (c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard

14 thoughts on “Tanner’s Devil Part 43.2

  1. Sylvia,I can’t stand the suspense! But I know Donatello’s gonna get his, so I’m cool- I’ll wait.I’m just glad Devlin seems to, for once, have his head out of his buttocks, and he knows Tanner is saying whatever to save his life.Sing

  2. I just want to let you know I am in your corner. I been there and done that. I know my situration is not the same as your, I did have my children’s father with me. I had the misfortune dealing with government. Uncle Sam don’t want to help with paying for child care but they don’t dishing out a check each month. Is that backward or what… Getting a second copy of a birth certificate is all day job. Sylvia stay strong don’t give up and GOD bless you. If you need a couple days for a break. We will understand. Ah well girl take care of your kids.

  3. if devlin hadn’t known that she loved him before, he has got to know now.

  4. Well now. I just finished reading this story from the beginning on the advice of a family member and all I have to say is this…….lame,lame and shame.Don’t worry I made a contribution to the blackmail donation fund but the next time you post a free read it should not have strings attached.I also purchased a few of your other reads from Amazon then I downloaded more of your ebooks from LuLu.com to critique your writing style and/or make comparisons.Now to find that little sister of mines because shes gots some explaining to do.Signed,Dezi Dominici

  5. Dezi, Shame?Let me say that it is your choice to read or not read Sylvia work and if you don’t like it then hey don’t read it ,but to rudely suggest that the woman is blackmailing someone to make a donation is just sad .Hint they call it a donation because you “CHOOSE” to make one.Priscilla

  6. i really hate the concept of free speech. if someone feels the need to directly criticize someone else’s art, please please give some reason or evidence as to why something is “lame,lame and shame”. not supporting your claim just demonstrates the childishness of one’s character…. in other uplifting news.. sylvia… we are here for your support.. take your time… get your stuff together… we ain’t goin nooowhere… i love this book 2 much..-eva 😉

  7. Hey yall,All i gotta say is if Dezi doesn’t like the read, why is he so anxious to spend his money on all of her other novels so he can sit back and criticize it. it you don’t like it, don’t read it.sylvia, keep your head up. My childcare is $700 a month so I feel you. Do your thing. We understand. Well, most of us atleast.

  8. Ooo…Sylvia, somebody is hot with you. LOL.Keep your head up, lady. Criticism just comes with the territory. Keep doing you.

  9. Priscilla and Eva that’s the concept behind free speech and if you ladies don’t like it then ……..tough cookies.Signed,Dezi Dominici

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