Tanner’s Devil Part 42.1

Okay, now I hope you are still not mad about the cliffhangers. Stop it. We’re in the thick of things and more cliffs are expected to happen, but yes we’re winding down. I just gotta kill a few people and then we can heal.

Umm, lets check the comments :

Tonya: Remember that the duke is a champion Pugilist and sharp shooter. So he doesn’t fight or shoot like a girl. But Del is from the Heart family so that just makes him a bad mo’fo.

Eva: The hearts are never in a story to make things easier.
anon1: I’m typing as fast as possible.

skysix: would you tell them that again?

smitha: It really isn’t draggin is it? cause I’ll just cause unnecessary deaths just because. Or why don’t we just stop and start a new one?

Marlena: Del is the kinda of person who usually knows shit before you see it. so he knew things were going down and if Tanner was dead, he knew Devlin would enjoy getting revenge on Donetello.

Suprina: Queen of Cliffhangers? Wow? Is there money with this crown?

Anon2: Isnt bribing illegal? I’m posting as fast as they are popping out my head, I swear.

Shai: Email me offloop boo, or call me and let me know where you got confused. I know you’re in 313 too.

Okay, the bad news is at the bottom of this part:


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Tanner’s Devil Part 42.1 (c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard

I’m going to a meeting tomorrow about 11am, but I hope to return by three in the afternoon and will try to post early in the morning and late in the afternoon. I’m going to try to sleep off this migraine today.

6 thoughts on “Tanner’s Devil Part 42.1

  1. Sigh* Personally I think the migraines are a ploy to leave us hangin’. =) Feel better soon*

  2. I hope you feel better soon. Have you ever tried the following medicine called Alieve for your migraines???I tend to have them after my monthly menses and I tried Alieve after my doctor suggested them because nothing else helped.Angelina:~)

  3. Get some rest for that migraine Slyvia, I ain’t going nowhere I will be here until you come back. Aleve works wonders for me too Angelina.

  4. Hope you are feeling better this morning. I understand about, migraines because I get them so bad at times I can not stand any lights or sound.Take care of yourself and worry about the other stuff when you feel better, me and my trusted blackberry will wait.

  5. Sylvia, I hope you feel better. I am dealing with vertigo and it is no joke.When you are not feeling well, you cannot be on top of your game. Take it easy.

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