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Tanner’s Devil Part 41.2

I was really ready to be cruel and just leave it at the first part (in this piece you’re about to read) but I decided I would at leave give you midway through this chapter and try to finish this chapter off today. This one might be a long one cause we got a lot of doors to close, details to fill in, people to take care of and all that bull crap.

Plus I’m still getting those emails, “What happened to Pari?”

I’m getting there, okay. Now is there anything other than Tanner dying, Pari’s whereabouts, and the main plot that I’m missing? I want to work everythign thing. I think I got everything, but I want to be sure.

I probably will do a recap on Latasha – might, but I’m so tired of that bitch I’m bought ready to blow her ass up too. LOL.



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