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Tanner’s Devil Part 39.2

over 800 hits yesterday?! Wow! I’m taking you’re very excited about what’s going on.

Me too.

First responses to the comments:

1st anonymous: sorry about you almost dropping your blackberry while trying to sneak and read at work, but that’s just so cool you can read it on your phone. you’re terrible!

Marlena: Need an explanation for what?

Sweets: Yes, I was writing the next section, but I waited til today to post cause I just love cliffhangers.

2nd anonymous: Never judge a book by its cover? But some people when they are hurt do and say stupid stuff, right?

3rd anonymous: uhhm, I don’t know how to respond to aw crap, but thanks for leavign a post. LOL.

4th anonymous: i’m honored you’re on bended knee, LOL. But I’m only writing what the characters are doing (I know that sounds looney, but this is playing out live in myhead and I’m not sure where this might lead.) I’ll try not to make him look like an ass – not. This is fun.

5th anonymous: I wonder about that too. Would you like to know? (laughing wickedly)

Okay, thanks for the comments and here is the next installment. Talk to you later and I’ll really try to post before I leave for the day.



Post deleted but kept for comments. To read book:
Tanner’s Devil Part 39.2 (c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard

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